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My Thai Kitchen Cooking Class

I went to an amazing Thai cooking class with a few of my work colleages at My Thai Kitchen in Brisbane back in November.  If you live in the Brisbane area I highly recommend it!

The owner is the daughter of the family who runs the popular Thai Kitchen in Rosalie that has been serving up tasty Thai food since 1993 and has become a Brisbane institution. The daughter, Taya has expanded the Thai Kitchen experience to a take-away restaurant and cooking school just around the corner – genius!

Besides Taya’s bright and cheeky humor the things I was most impressed with about the cooking school was the achievability of the dishes and the cleanliness of the kitchen, which is the same kitchen as the take-away restaurant.  The class size was small (limited to 8 people that work in pairs) so Taya was able to check to make sure that we were all on track throughout the class and all of the annoying prep work had been taking care of in advance and everything was prepped and organized in individual bowls.  The biggest plus was the assistant that was constantly cleaning up dishes as we dirtied them!

The recipes that you use are the exact ones used by both of the family restaurants and she even lets you in on the secrets of which specific brands they use.

I learned a few new cutting skills – such as how to make cucumbers with striped skins, how to slice a chicken breast into thin enough slices for pad thai, and how to score and ‘thai massage’ a prawn’s belly so that it doesn’t curl up too much when deep-fried.

We spent close to 3 hours in the kitchen making 4 dishes and then got to have a big lunch after the class in the front of the restaurant, which had been closed for the class.  At $125 per class it’s a fantastic way to hone your Thai cooking skills.

We took the Summer Delight class, which included coconut prawns, garlic chicken, beef green curry, and pad thai.

Coconut Prawns with Nam Jim Dipping Sauce

Garlic Chicken

Beef Green Curry

Pad Thai

Contact Details:
(07) 3369 8555
Shop 18 Centro Milton, 36 Baroona Rd, Milton QLD 4064