Sunday Markets in Wellington, New Zealand

My boyfriend and I went to Wellington, New Zealand for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June.  We met in New Zealand over 5 years ago on a study exchange but never got to spend much time exploring the capital city so we decided to dedicate some time to really exploring the city – and for me that means doing a whole lot of eating.

We were fortunate enough to be there on a Sunday, which is when they have their weekend harbourside markets just outside Te Papa, the National Museum.

I was blown away by the amount of beautifully fresh, local produce and how reasonably priced it was compared to what we are getting in Australia at the moment!

Since I wasn’t in the market for produce to cook we spent most of our time exploring the amazing international food stalls and trucks that ranged from Chilean empanadas to Chinese dim sim to Spanish churros (full list of stalls can be found here

I lost track of how many meals I ate that day since they all started blurring into one continuous food fest but my waistline has no regrets because it was certainly worth every calorie.

If you are ever in Wellington on a Sunday you should make it a point not to miss the market- and if you are looking for specific recommendations then I highly recommend sampling the deer meat stew, a butter chicken or lamb curry roti from Rojesh Roti, and an empanada from the Chilean empanada lady.  I didn’t sample the NY pizza but they had a wood fired oven and a long line so I would venture to guess that it would be worth trying as well.

And if you are in for a serious foodie treat then head over to the City Market for food enthusiasts that’s near the harbourside market in the Chaffers Dock Building. It showcases Wellington food and wine artisans and has a bit more of a culinary focus than the outdoor market with events such as wine tastings and chef demonstrations.

All I can say is eat your heart out, it will all be worth it.


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