Sausages from AC Butchery, Sydney

During my last trip to Sydney I was able to hit up 4 of the 50 Things Every Sydney Food Lover Should Try.  I have to say that the best one out of those 4 was the sausages from AC Butchery in Leichhardt.  It was started by an Italian family, Angela and Carlo (AC) Colaiacomo, in 1987 and since Italians know how to make a good sausage, I had high expectations for this place.

MY GOD were these sausages amazing.  My boyfriend’s sister, Tayte had had these snags before and knew they would be perfect for out back yard sausage sizzle so we headed over to Leichhardt to see what all the hype was about.

We left with 3 different types of sausages: duck, orange & pistachio; chicken, goat cheese & arugula; and pork, fennel & chili.

We cooked these up on the barbie with some onions and I learned that when cooking sausages, you should NOT prick holes in them in order to allow them to cook in their own juices.  Poking holes in the sausages only releases the juices and makes for a very dry sausage!  We served the sausages up on fresh bread rolls and no sauce was needed, as these were the most flavorful snags that had ever touched my mouth.  OMG is all I can say.

Here are some shots of the gourmet snags-

Chicken with Goat Cheese and Arugula

Duck with Orange Zest & Pistachio

Here’s how to find AC Butchery:

174 Marion St., Leichhardt, NSW 2040


One response to “Sausages from AC Butchery, Sydney

  1. chicken with arugula and goat cheese sounds amazing!! And your table is so cute– I love all of the bright colors!


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