FFwD: Chicken B’stilla

I’ve missed the past 4 weeks of French Fridays with Dorie because I’ve been setting up shop in my new home of Brisbane, Australia.  When I saw the Moroccan B’stilla on the agenda for this week I knew I had to make it!

I love the blend of ginger, cinnamon, and coriander that’s common in Moroccan cuisine and love pies even more (see previous post on Harry’s Cafe de Wheels) so this was a winning combination for me!

I found it somewhat time consuming to make but totally worth it.  The crunch of the almonds and the filo were the perfect contrast to the warm, gooey pie filling, and the spices were present enough to give you a little taste of Morocco without being overwhelming.

It was definitely a posh pie, and we came up with so many possibilities for it while we were eating – from making a large version in a casserole dish and serving it in square slices as an appetizer to making mini party pies.  I already can’t wait to make it again!

As always, I can’t post Dorie’s recipe for the B’stilla but highly encourage you to buy her book Around My French Table to check it out.

I did find a B’stilla recipe from another blogger, The Last Ditch,  who swears that her B’stilla recipe is the best.  I haven’t made hers so I can’t compare it to Dorie’s, but it sounds delicious!  You can find it here.  Regardless of whose recipe you use, I recommend using chicken thigh meat to get the most flavor and not to skip the almonds!  Also, don’t even think about using any other pastry than filo because it won’t do the pie justice.


11 responses to “FFwD: Chicken B’stilla

  1. Lovely the way your phyllo folded up. Is that spinach I see? I was trying to brainstorm ways to add some fiber in the b’stilla and considered chickpeas or just green peas. Spinach sounds wonderful also.

  2. Yours looks great too! It is so much fun to see all the FFwD b’stilla posts!

  3. I agree that it is well-worth the effort!

  4. It looks beautiful and I love the color pop with the green beans in the first photo.

  5. Hey!!! So glad your back. I hope you weren’t too affected by the floods. Your post looks great and I’m looking forward to cooking with you again.B:)

  6. Wow, looks great. Good luck with the new home base.

  7. I love how your filo is so flaky! I had trouble with mine and it ended up flat. Tasted good though!

  8. Beautiful photos! Wow, Australia! This is so much fun to have cooking cyber friends for all around the world. Hope everything is going well for you in your new home, etc.

  9. I’ve never had much luck with filo…your dish looks amazing!

  10. I totally agree about the filo! I’d thought about making it with pastry instead as pastry wasn’t new and scary for me. But filo rocks it for certain! Love your pictures!

  11. I’ve awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award. Love your writing!

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