Baked Relief – Queensland Floods

Little did I know that when I moved to Brisbane this month that I would have the city’s worst natural disaster since 1974 as my welcome wagon.  Go figure.

Luckily, my house was completely unaffected by the floods, but there are several neighborhoods within walking distance from me that have houses that were completely submerged in water.  It was a surreal introduction to life in Australia and something that I will never forget.

The most amazing thing about this experience is how quickly the community has come together to help out in every way possible.  One of the most surprising ways to help that has popped up via the blogosphere and Twitter has been Baked Relief, which was started by the Brisbane based blogger Digella.  She posted this post on her blog about her mission to provide home baked goods to the relief workers and flood victims and then started tweeting with the hash tag #bakedrelief, which quickly rallied an army of over 1,000 bakers!  She was featured on News Channel 9 tonight in this story, which goes to show how a small idea can spread like wildfire here and take off to be a huge success!  It’s currently the #2 twitter trend for Australia!

For all the details, check out her site that has been launched:

You can also follow her on Twitter @digellabakes for up to the minute updates!


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