Papi’s Cuban – Atlanta, GA

I’ve been eating at Papi’s for years so I realized that it’s high time I write a post about it.  It is owned by Rey Regalado who escaped from Cuba in the bottom of a stolen fishing boat and came to the U.S. in 1990.  It was always his dream to open an Eastern Cuban restaurant with his father, which is who Papi’s (meaning Daddy’s) is named after.

To-Go orders upstairs - Yoelvis' bar and restaurant are downstairs

Ever since I moved to Midtown, Atlanta, Papi’s has been my ‘go to’ place for lunch, dinner, and amazing cocktails.  When I first started going to Papi’s they had a bar, but no bartender but that all changed the day they hired Yoelvis (pron: Joe-Elivs) who is the sassiest bartender in Atlanta.   Before Yoelvis came to Papi’s it was just a place with delicious, affordable Cuban food but the second he started running the bar it became the best place in Atlanta for a fruity cocktail.  Yoelvis’s bubbly personality combined with his incredibly creative bartending skills made for a winning combination that quickly turned Papi’s from a neighborhood restaurant into a Midtown hotspot.  They even started having Cuban live music and dancing on Saturday nights which completely packs out the place.

Ropa Vieja Sandwich

Yuca Fries with Garlic Sauce

For lunch I always get the ropa vieja or jerk chicken sandwich and if I’m feeling devilish I’ll add a side of yuca fries with garlic sauce.  What I like about the ropa vieja sandwich is that it’s extremely cheap ($5.75) and the meat has been slow cooked all day in peppers and a spice rub with the most amazing flavors then topped with swiss cheese and pressed between cuban bread slices.

For dinners I usually get the daily special plate which is less than $10 and varies among ropa vieja (a favorite even when it’s not a sandwich), steak and onion, smoked pork, and chicken fricassee.  All the plates come with yellow rice and black beans (another personal favorite), a small salad, and cuban bread.

Yoelvis in his element

Yoelvis makes an awesome mojito and will even whizz it in the blender for you if you want a blended mojito, which is excellent in the summer time.  He also makes a great drink called the Ice-berg, which is like a pina colada floating in a sea of Blue Curacao.  Tip him well and he might just pull a high kick for you from behind the bar!


2 responses to “Papi’s Cuban – Atlanta, GA

  1. I met Yoelvis in 2006 while using their free wireless while enjoying their great food, when I moved to ATL to find a new job. We became great friends for the 10 months I was in town. and have lost touch with him. Would love to get back in touch with him if you know how!!! He left Papi’s while I was there and that place was never the same.

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