FFwD: Pommes Dauphinois

This dish got rave reviews (one from a Frenchman who said it was a very familiar dish to him) at both of the Friendsgivings that I took it to last week.  The gluten-free people especially loved this dish, which I didn’t even know was gluten free!

It’s as simple as simmering some heavy cream and infusing it with crushed garlic before pouring it over each thin layer of scalloped potatoes.  Top the entire dish off with Gruyère and bake for about an hour (depending on pan size) or until you can stick a fork through the layers of potatoes without much resistance.  I added fresh thyme, salt, and pepper between each layer as well and used Gruyère as a base with some of Trader Joe’s Quattro Formaggio cheese as a topper.

Dorie was right in that the crust on top was the best part!

* Tip: Don’t slice the potatoes and then go to yoga before finishing making the rest of the dish – they turn a dark pink color that’s not very attractive.  Fortunately, no one at the Friendsgivings noticed, or at least they were too nice to say anything about it!  It still tasted fine, just wasn’t a real ‘show piece’ when sliced on a plate, hence the lack of picture of the slice.


11 responses to “FFwD: Pommes Dauphinois

  1. LOVED this one – just wish I had leftovers for today! 🙂

  2. This was a great one. Glad it worked out well for you.

  3. I loved this one, too. I bought a fresh bag of potatoes to make it again but ended up using them for Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, so I guess I have to go get some more.

  4. I’m glad you liked this one. They look amazing and my mouth is watering right now , even tho I’m fully stuffed from celebrating. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Pink potatoes…too cute! Your gratin looks so yummy! We loved it in my house and I’m making it again tomorrow for a friend’s holiday season kickoff party. I’m sure all your friends thought you were a hero with this dish!

  6. Im glad you your friends enjoyed your taters! They sure look yummy!! I really loved this recipe too and want to make it again!

  7. Your gratin looks delish. Those potatoes do turn colors quickly especially in a recipe such as this where they are not rinsed…but they are so good. I’m making this again this week.

  8. I loved this one too! Your friends were so lucky to have it for Thanksgiving!

  9. Gruyère in anything…yum. These potatoes look too-die-for!

  10. I am sure that all of us had a chance to make the notorious Mr. Pink Potato:) But this gratin was a favorite of my whole family. It’s so simple, and so satisfying. And the crust was the best!

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