Taco Tour of Marietta

As I mentioned in my earlier post on Taqueria Acapulco, my boyfriend has an obsession with taquerias – the sketchier the better.  When he told me he wanted to organize a taco tour of Marietta, where he works just outside of Atlanta, I knew it would be something fun to write about.

Some of you may know Marietta to be a classy suburb of Atlanta, but I’m here to expose you to the latina neighborhood that is the red-headed stepchild of Marietta that the Marietta Square goers would rather not exist; however, it arguably has the best Mexican food in the area.

The plan was to hit up 3-4 taquerias that are all in a 2 mile radius of each other on Franklin road.

First stop: Mercado Real de la Villa

Location: 550 Franklin Rd.,  Marietta, GA

Counter where you order

Overall Ranking: 1st place

Taco Price: $.99

Pros: Cheapest tacos, Mexican Coca-Cola, tacos & gorditas, fresh salsa selection, full market in the front

Cons: Taco size was the smallest of all 3 taquerias

We each tasted 2 different tacos here which was already a mistake since we had 2 more taquerias to visit!

2nd Stop: El Cuate

Location: 677 Franklin Rd SE # E, Marietta, GA

El Cuate - I am the Duchess of this place on Yelp, I dare you to dethrone me.

Overall Ranking: 3rd Place

Taco Price: $0.99

Pros: Do it yourself salsa/condiments bar, cheeky cashier, connected to a Mexican night club that the cashier invited my boyfriend to go to, and no sales tax…

Cons: We were the only customers, blaring Latino soap operas. Cash only.

Translation: CHEAP FOOD

3rd Stop: Mi Pueblito

Location: 1033 Franklin Road SE, Marietta, GA

Taco Price: $1.50

Overall Ranking: 2nd Place

Pros: Had an extensive menu (with pictures!), table service, free chips & salsa

Cons: Most expensive tacos of the tour even though they were the same size as El Cuate’s


One response to “Taco Tour of Marietta

  1. Nice pics! Thanks for familiarizing me with my ‘hood’!

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