FFwD: Semolina Cake

I had never heard of farina before I read this recipe but realized that it’s just cream of wheat, something I have never imagined would ever make it into one of my cakes as a substitute for flour.  I’ve also never made my own carmel sauce without butter before so this cake was a great discovery for me.

The cake turned out to be of a grainy flan-like consistency that was definitely sweet.  With the sauce and raisins this was pretty close to bread pudding!  Instead of semolina cake I’d call it Bread Pudding Flan and I’d add dark rum or bourbon to the sauce.  Then we’d have a home run!

It was fairly easy to make, just prepare the farina according to the package instructions and set aside.  While the farina is cooling, make your caramel sauce by boiling sugar, water, and lemon juice (and bourbon or rum!).  Once the farina has cooled, mix in the eggs and raisins or any dried fruit.  Pour the caramel sauce into the baking pan and then pour the farina mixture into the pan on top of the caramel sauce.  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes and cool before serving!  For more details on the recipe check out Around My French Table!


5 responses to “FFwD: Semolina Cake

  1. I agree…very close to bread pudding…and oh so yummy! I love that beautiful golden raisin in your photo!

  2. I loved that you described it as a mix between bread pudding and flan. I was worried that I’d gotten the texture wrong, but it was just something that I wasn’t used to.

  3. What is not better with the addition of bourbon? Your cake looks delicious.

  4. Love the ideas for the bourbon or rum sauce. I will do that the week I cook it. Your post is great as usual and I love the pictures. Thanks!!! B

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