Atlanta Street Food Soiree

(This photo:

I missed the first 2 Super Secret Food Truck Extravaganza’s in Atlanta so I was determined not to miss the Street Food Soiree last Wednesday and I am glad I didn’t! (Here’s a slideshow by Brad Kaplan of one of the events that I missed)

For those of you who don’t know, Atlanta has a budding street food scene but unfortunately the city has restrictive vending ordinances that prohibit street vendors from actually selling on the streets.  The Atlanta Street Food Coalition has been formed with the mission of persuading local and state lawmakers to implement instead a regulatory system which encourages sidewalk and roadway entrepreneurship, but so far nothing has been passed.  To get around these restrictions, certain businesses in Atlanta (Souper Jenny, Sweet Auburn Curb Market, and The HUB) have offered up their parking lots to Atlanta’s street food vendors, which have enabled them to still feed the hungry street food lovers of Atlanta.

Recently the food trucks have been gathering in a single spot and marketing their food truck extravaganzas via facebook and twitter.  I started following all of the food trucks after hearing about the first one that happened in Souper Jenny’s parking lot in Buckhead and have been following their whereabouts ever since.

Unfortunately, the truck that I was dying to try, the Good Food Truck was out sick for this week’s Soiree so I’ll have to try their famous poodle (hot dog with a French toast bun) next time.

The following food trucks were there:

The taco trucks were definitely the most popular with the crowd but after sampling from as many trucks as my stomach could manage I decided that Taqueria del Sol’s smores taco was by far the most creative.  They heated up some chocolate chips in a flour soft taco and then let you roast your own marshmallows over an open flame to your likeing before smashing them into the taco with the chocolate.  They also had Mexican coca-cola, which was an added bonus.

I tried the apple pie ice cream from West Side creamery which totally lived up to all the hype.  You just can’t go wrong with hand made, locally sourced ice cream.

I also tried the 100% organic pimento cheese from Grace’s Goodness, who even hand made the organic mayonnaise and roasted red peppers in the pimento cheese, which gave her some extra bonus points in my book – that and the fact that she had zero waste by serving her food out of canning mason jars.

I was too full to try Just Loaf’n and the Yum Yum Cupcake truck so I’ll have to save those for next time.


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