Taqueria Acapulco – Atlanta, GA

My boyfriend has a not so secret obsession with taqueria dives and has found quite a few little gems around Atlanta.  This past Saturday we passed up the trendy Taqueria del Sol (not grimy enough for the boyfriend) and headed just a few doors up the street to Taqueria Acapulco, which looks like a seedy convenience store from the outside with bars on the windows and money transfer signs taped up everywhere.

The front of the store is a mini Mexican grocery (bodega) but the back is where they have a few tables and a small kitchen that serves up some of the tastiest $1.50 tacos I’ve had in Atlanta.  We tried the lengua (cow tounge), asada, barbacoa, and chicken tacos which were all superb.  I enjoyed the lengua more than I thought I would but the barbacoa was definitely the tastiest of the bunch. We were impressed by the size of these tacos compared to others we’ve seen and the fresh salsa verde and pico de gallo that were served on the side were both muy rico.  We washed the tacos down with 500 mL bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola, that’s made from real cane sugar instead of the corn syrup that’s used in American Coke.

There’s also a meat counter where you can buy cracklin’, cow tounge, goat, and all the normal Mexican whole goods like fajita and adobo spiced meats.  You can also buy all the Spongebob  pinatas you’d ever want.  Ademas, to top it all off there’s even a hair salon upstairs and a money transfer desk – a one stop shop!

Last night I cooked up the fajita spiced chicken that we bought from the meat counter and I have to say I am never going anywhere else for my fajita meat.  It was $2/ lb and marinated in fajita goodness.  Here’s a picture to show you just how well seasoned this meat really was:

I checked in on Yelp and earned my first Dukedom – bonus!


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