FFWD: Gougeres

I’m pretty excited to be a member of the cooking blog group French Fridays with Dorie (FFWD).  For a basic rundown of the project – we are cooking our way through Dorie Greenspan’s new cookbook Around My French Table – similar to the Julie & Julia project except with 700 food bloggers!  We follow a schedule of recipes to make and post each Friday.  I can’t promise that I’ll always be able to keep up but I’m going to try my best.

This first recipe on this is the first in the book, gourgeres.  I had no idea what these little morsels of goodness were until I read the recipe and decided that these were going to be darn good.  What could possibly be bad about balls of cheesy bread?  The closest thing I have had to gougeres are Brazilian cheese breads (Pão de Queijo), which are similar to crack.  Those sneaky Brazilians are smart in that they put these little crack balls on your table before bringing out the meat at their steakhouses because they know that you’ll fill up on them before even getting to see the meat!  Genius, but unfair.  Fortunately, when I made these I had nothing to make me feel guilty about eating too many so I just let the addiction take over.

What’s even better about these is that you can freeze the balls of dough and bake them on demand!

I followed Dorie’s recipe exactly as written since I was in unfamiliar territory and they turned out perfectly.  She’s right – these are much better when served warm and with a glass of champagne!


8 responses to “FFWD: Gougeres

  1. Great job! I, too, just gave in and let the addiction take over! 🙂

  2. Great job! These were sooooo good. I’m excited to try more of Dorie’s recipes.

  3. Very interesting about the Brazilian steak houses. How does anyone have any appetite for their main course — a hefty piece of beef — when they have a basket of gougeres on the table?

    This was a great recipe to kick off FFWD. Delicious!

  4. I love your mission statement. I felt the same way – that I was in unfamiliar territory, but with Dorie’s foolproof recipe they turned out great. I bet they were good with champagne!

  5. Love your blog and your gougere post. Next time I’ll have mine with champagne too. What was I thinking?

  6. Oh, those look wonderful. My teenager kept me from eating too many, because she ate most of them. 🙂

  7. Truly love your blog name – what a great creation. I can’t wait to make these again – maybe with champagne??? 🙂

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